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The Fallen Apple (Hot)  Kraken Spiced Rum with Clove and  spiced liqueurs in hot cider topped with house made whipped cream.

The Bosco  –  Ginger Vodka in hand muddled lemonade.

Porch Swing  –  Light and citrusy, with elderflower and a float of grapefruit juice.

Balsamic Pineapple.  A little sweet. A little Savory.  A whole lot of awesome.

Sex on a Cloud  –  You’ll understand when you have one.

Capri Sun  –   A tropical blend of Hypnotic, Vodkas, Rum,  Pineapple and Cranberry.

The Spicy Pineapple  –     It’s a spicy Pineapple.  Duh.

The Trees are Sleeping  –    Dark spiced rum, muddled orange, spiced liqueurs, OJ and 7. It’s Autumn in a glass.

The Fucking Fantastic  –  Raspberry Deliciousness.

Whiskey Tin  –  Muddled oranges, plum bitters, Buffalo Trace, and a splash of peach vodka.